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Energy production

Energy production is one of the key elements affecting the development of many sectors in the industry (including electricity, aviation and transport), and even entire economies. In today's world, renewable energy is of particular importance, the production of which does not adversely affect the natural environment. Electris is well aware of this, that's why for years we have been working on improving components that are indispensable for machines and devices producing energy. Our products are successfully used, among others, in such constructions as energy generators and control cabinets or panels.

Power Distribution

Our robust, durable and reliable components are present in energy distribution systems around the world. They play a key role in them, meeting strict standards and expectations of our partners.


One of our leading products are copper rails, which are a very important element of telecommunications network infrastructure. Our employees make sure to meet and exceed the expectations of our partners, thanks to which Electris copper bars have a number of benefits, such as ease of installation and resistance to weather conditions.

Renewable energy

An important place in the portfolio of our products is occupied by innovative components for solar, wind and water systems (such as specialized laminates), thanks to which we can enjoy energy from renewable sources. These products, created on the basis of a specification, perfectly fit into our mission, part of which is acting for the benefit of the natural environment.



Elements produced at Electris work in difficult conditions on the largest oil fields in the world.

Heavy industry

Heavy industry requires dedicated - solid and durable - solutions. We know that and that is why all the elements we manufacture, used in this industry, are characterized by reliability and stability of operation. This applies in particular to our copper products, which have found their application in adavnced energy systems, including mines, refineries and oil fields around the world.


The wide range of our products applies also to the implementation of large, modern energy systems of buildings. Creating elements for such large structures is a real challenge. As the practice shows - we are able to cope with it, components manufactured by Electris are currently used in the largest buildings in the world, increasing their functionality and durability.



New trends in the automotive industry pose new challenges for us - also in the production of innovative components. We do it effectively, and thanks to that we are constantly expanding our market share - especially in the area of modern electric and hybrid vehicles.


Electris wants to take an active part in creating a new, more economical and environmentally friendly railway industry. We do it through the production of highly specialized copper components of various shapes.


Experts agree - modern energy solutions are the future of aviation. Electris wants to be a part of them, which is why we take an active part in the development of industry innovations. We are proud that we are prototyping and producing specialized components that are part of energy systems installed in the most modern aircraft in the world.


Thanks to building a strong position on the market, the company has developed to its current size. Now Electris employs 130 people and cooperates with 70 clients from around the world. Among the projects in which the company participated, very large and complex investments can be listed, such as:

World’s largest server rooms

Jet engine factory

One of the largest oil fields
in the world – Tengiz in Azerbaijan

The longest tunnel in the world
located in Switzerland, skyscrapers in Dubai