Water heat sinks

A heat sink is a component or set of components that dissipates heat from the system it contacts to the environment. It is a specially shaped lump of metal (or metal alloys) that conducts heat well. There are water heat sinks and air heat sinks. A heat sink should adhere tightly to the heat emitting surface and if there is a gap, it needs to be filled with a layer of paste, glue or thermal conductive film.

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Water heat sinks application

Water heat sinks are boards with hollow internal channels in which coolant circulates. They are commonly used in electronics and mechanical devices. This type of heat sink is used for components with very high heat loads. Water heat sinks are usually made of copper:

  • Cu-ETP (electrolytic copper with Cu content of 99.99% and excellent thermal conductivity);
  • Cu-OF (oxygen-free copper with high purity, excellent thermal conductivity, easy to process);

or aluminum:

  • AW-5754 (high resistance to corrosion);
  • AW-6063;
  • AW-6082 (high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance).

A water heat sink can be used as a cooler for a Peltier cell (a module used to heat or cool components). They are used, for example, in the automotive industry to cool charging modules in electric cars.

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Water heat sinks for diodes, thyristors, power transistors

Water heat sinks are used, for example, in LEDs. Even the low-voltage and low-current ones generate large amounts of heat when they work constantly, and electronic circuits must be well protected against it. In addition, too high temperature can significantly shorten the device’s operation time (even by half), and if exceeded it negatively affects the parameters of the diode, in the worst case it can even destroy it. Water heat sinks for thyristors or transistors are in the form of cooling boards. Electronic devices with a flat base and components can be mounted on them. They usually have hollow internal channels and are made of copper or aluminum. Water heat sinks for power transistors are used when devices emit too much heat and the housing itself is not able to provide sufficient cooling.

  • silent operation;
  • no electrical power requirements;
  • no moving parts that can wear out quickly;
  • cleanliness – no dust or other contaminants deposited on them;
  • failure-free operation
  • many times better performance than passive heat sinks (air cooled).
  • FIBER laser cutting
  • cutting with a water jet
  • grinding
  • FSW friction stir welding
  • 3D milling
  • 5D milling
  • leak test
  • pressing of fasteners
  • marking
  • drilling
  • threading
  • galvanization (tinning, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, chromating)
  • powder coating

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