Laminate current rails

As the only company in Central and Eastern Europe, we have developed a rail lamination process. Laminated current rails consist of copper layers separated by sheets of dielectric materials, bound together to form a uniform collective structure that is used to connect power devices.

elementy aluminiowe T6061

Their unquestionable advantages include:

  • Space saving

Compared to wired power electronic devices, current rails save much more space.

  • Easy to install

Systems or electronic components are mounted directly on the laminated current rail. This makes the installation easy to install and convenient to maintain, which in turn reduces production and maintenance costs.

  • Improved electrical properties

High capacitance distribution provides low characteristic impedance, while larger surface area and cross-sectional area provide low inductance.

  • Improved current carrying capacity

Laminated current rails have a larger cross-section and achieve a high current load.

  • Improved thermal efficiency

Larger surface area for better heat dissipation and thermal radiation.

wyroby laminowane i aluminowe

As a specialist current rails manufacturer, we use several different non-ferrous metal alloys for our products. Depending on the purpose, order and technical specification, these are:

  • copper sheets (type Cu-ETP or Cu-OF)
  • aluminum sheets (type AW-1050 or AW-5754)

For the production of laminated current rails, we use laminates coated with epoxy adhesive based on:

  • Nomex®
  • Mylar®
  • Pet
  • Kapton®
  • Tedlar
  • NMN
  • FIBER laser cutting
  • CO2 laser cutting
  • grinding
  • lamination
  • pressing of fasteners
  • bending
  • embossing
  • marking
  • partial discharge tests
  • galvanization (tinning, silver plating, gold plating, chromating, nickel plating)
  • powder coating

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