Insulating boards

At Electris, we manufacture various types of insulation components for electrical and thermal protection. Depending on individual technical requirements, we create insulating elements and components from various materials, including products of well-known and valued brands (e.g. products from DuPont, Röchling or Thyssenkrupp). During production we use advanced technologies for plastic processing.

płyty izolacyjne gpo-3

GPO-3 rigid electro-insulating boards

GPO-3 are rigid glass-polyester boards that are widely applied in the transit industry. They are most used as electrical insulators. Thus, these insulating components are used in switchgear, connectors and control panels. They are manufactured on the basis of glass mat bonded with polyester resin. Due to the high strength parameters of insulating components, they are also used as structural parts.

Properties and advantages of GPO-3:

  • fire resistance
  • excellent strength properties
  • good electrical properties
  • resistance to electric arcs and punctures.

Application of GPO-3: 

  • electrotechnology and power engineering
  • machinery and equipment
  • induction heaters
  • LV switchgears
  • heat isolation elements
  • constructional elements
Elementy izolacyjne

Other electro-insulating boards in Electris offer

  • FR-4

They are epoxy-bonded fiberglass insulation boards. This laminate has fire retardant and self-extinguishing properties. It performs a function very similar to GPO-3, so it is distinguished by good strength parameters and electrical properties.

Thermo-insulating boards in Electris offer

  • Lexan

Fireproof polycarbonate boards that are mainly used as a thermal insulator. Lexan has outstanding thermoplastic, mechanical, optical and thermal properties. It is extremely easy to process and can be cold formed. It is a multifunctional material, light and rigid, resistant to fire and UV rays, which is why it is widely used in various branches of industry, e.g. as transparent covers in control cabinets.

  • Makrolon

These boards are made of solid polycarbonate with very high thermal insulation and resistance to external factors or of cellular polycarbonate (by coextrusion). They are also very easy to form. Excellent alternative to glass materials. They are characterized by exceptional lightness, transparency and great resistance to impact and high temperatures. Flame retardant.

  • 3D milling
  • 5D milling
  • pressing of fasteners
  • bending
  • marking
  • drilling
  • threading
  • painting

Our offer

Copper, aluminum components, GPO-3, Mylar, Nomex insulation materials and many more.

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