Electro-insulating films

Electris manufactures various items from electro-insulating films according to customer specifications. Additionally, we perform marking out operations and pack the parts in order to protect them against external factors. Our offer includes well-known and valued electro- insulating films of Mylar® and Nomex® brands, which undergo appropriate processing.

Folie elektroizolacyjne Mylar

Electro-insulating film Mylar®

It is a polyester film available in different thicknesses. It is widely used in electronics, and due to its insulating properties, it is also used as a laminate in laminated bus bars. As an electro-insulator it can work under elevated temperature conditions (up to 105°C). Chemically stable, tensile resistant, high temperature insulators made of Mylar® film are used as electrical and thermal barriers.

Properties and advantages of Mylar® film:

  • various thicknesses: 190 μm, 250 μm, 300 μm, 350 μm, 500 μm (only available on request);
  • dielectric strength increasing with thickness;
  • excellent resistance to moisture and solvents;
  • excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties;
  • with increasing thickness (above 190μm) the film becomes milky and less transparent.
elementy elektroizolacyjne

Electro-insulating film Nomex®

It is a synthetic electrical insulating paper composed of blends of polyamide flakes and fibers. It is characterized by great resistance to high and low temperatures, beta and gamma rays. It can be used in various devices – from AC and DC motors to high-power generators, transformers and chokes.

Properties and advantages of Nomex® film:

  • non-flammable;
  • different thickness (0.05 to 0.76 mm);
  • dielectric and mechanical strength;
  • resistance to extremely low and high temperatures;
  • high rigidity.
  • electric motors
  • generators
  • transformers
  • wind turbines
  • hybrid systems
  • PET laminate – are polyester films with high electrical insulating properties; they have similar parameters to Mylar films but they are more flexible and white, thus creating a nice exterior finish;
  • Kapton® laminate – is a polyamide film. It has excellent chemical, physical and electrical properties, which it does not lose even at extremely low or high temperatures (-269°C to 400°C). It is available in different varieties and is used in applications requiring extremely harsh conditions.
  • Tedlar laminate – polyvinyl fluoride films with versatile use and excellent chemical, mechanical and electrical properties. They are waterproof, resistant to UV rays and solvents and abrasion. The laminate is airtight and non-stick. It is used in power cables, generators and as a protective film for printed circuits.
  • Dyterm® NMN laminate – is an insulating laminate, produced by combining Nomex® paper and PET film, usually Mylar®. It is characterized by high dielectric strength and thermal resistance. This insulation solution is used in transformers, motors and electrical machines. There are several types of NMN laminates, which are used in equipment with different operating temperatures.
  • cutting with CO2 laser
  • lamination
  • bending
  • marking
  • incomplete discharge tests

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