Copper products

We have an extremely wide range of copper component manufacturing capabilities. We manufacture, among other things, bus bars, brackets, profiles, rail brackets, spacer modules, dowels, separation screens, tube and rod elements, and many other copper components. Access to a wide range of sheet metal and flat bars in various sizes allows us to process orders quickly. Customers can additionally order the service of painting components or applying appropriate insulation. Apart from bus bars and copper components, our offer also includes water and air heat sinks, multilayer laminated bus bars, insulators made of GPO-3, Mylar, Nomex, as well as cable trays, for which we also offer customised punching.

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Examples of products from Electris offer:

  • copper connectors, which are necessary for the smooth operation of any electrical installation, resistant to high temperatures, which serve well until the wear of the installation itself or the cable to which they are connected;
  • copper sections of the Cu-ETP, Cu-OF type, widely used in the production of parts for mechanical devices, in electronics and industry;
  • copper flat bars of the Cu-ETP, Cu-OF type, i.e. bars of rectangular cross-section used in mechanical structures or electrical industry, e.g., as protection in heat sinks and exchangers;
  • copper connectors;
  • copper bars.
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Die-cut copper elements

Fiber lasers have recently become our dominant technology for sheet metal punching. Something, that until recently was not applicable in case of copper, after years of testing, finally became possible. These lasers are equipped with modern solutions (automation, continuous process control systems, etc.), affecting high quality and repeatability. Beam of laser light is focused here by appropriate optical systems on the material being processed. With adequate power, the material can be melted, and thus it is possible to cut it. Although for thicker materials, a water jet cutting process is also used, it is less and less frequent due to the increasing power of the available laser punching machines, which allow cutting time reductions of several times compared to water technology.

Die-cut copper elements |

Milled copper elements

Milling is used wherever high precision is required or a complex shape needs to be achieved. It is a machining operation, during which layers of material are mechanically separated to give them a desired shape, dimension and properties of surface layer. Complex parts are produced automatically by rotating tool blades. We have 3D and 5D machining centers. We handle the most demanding projects. What does the process look like? We draw the design in 3D, then simulate the courses and optimize the paths to minimize material waste and maximize time savings.

Milled copper elements |

Turned copper elements

Turning is a machining carried out in a complex way on simple and specialized elements according to technical documentation; during material rotation machine blades mechanically separate layers of surplus material, providing required shape, dimensions and surface properties.

Turned copper elements |

Welded copper elements

We offer the service of welding copper components of various sizes. In this field we also cooperate with research units, exchanging knowledge and experience, using them in the process of copper component processing focused on maximum quality.

Welded copper elements |
  • FIBER laser cutting
  • CNC punching
  • CNC bending
  • cutting with a water jet
  • cutting plotter, welding
  • band saw cutting
  • grinding
  • threading
  • pressing in elements
  • soldering
  • engraving
  • embossing
  • marking
  • galvanization (application of additional coating – silver plating, gold plating, tinning, nickel plating, chromating)
  • powder coating (application of electrified paint particles; such a coating constitutes an insulating layer)
  • application of heat shrinkable sleeves (for insulation purposes/short-circuit protection)
  • wet painting

Our offer

Copper, aluminum components, GPO-3, Mylar, Nomex insulation materials and many more.

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