Cable trays

Cable trays, also known as cable ducts, are standardized systems that organize cables and wires of electrical installations. In addition to the order function, they ensure the safety of electric wires. Moreover, cable trays facilitate the efficient replacement of cabling and expansion of the existing network. We offer halogen-free, halogen, mesh and steel cable ducts.

In addition to the wide range of cable ducts, we have developed a method of customizing their opening and cutting, so that we can meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Korytka kablowe

Halogen-free cable trays

Halogen-free cable trays are generally considered the safest. They significantly minimize the risk of the formation of dangerous gases during a fire.

Advantages of halogen-free cable trays:

  • safety
  • quick and efficient assembly and disassembly
  • possibility of temporary and permanent installation
  • individual adjustment option

Halogen-free cable ducts are usually used in places where a large number of people is often concentrated, e.g. in commercial facilities or public transport.

kanały kablowe bezhalogenowe

Mesh cable trays

This type of cable trays is used in light installations that require efficient heat dissipation from heated wires or cables, and in those where constant and quick access to cabling is needed. They are also used in installations that require frequent vacuuming or cleaning. This is one of the most flexible ways of laying cables.

Advantages of mesh trays:

  • light construction
  • easy accessibility of cables
  • quick assembly, almost without tools
  • resistance to external factors due to e.g. lamination

Steel cable trays

Steel cable trays are suitable for routing cables in places where they will be exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, e.g. outside industrial facilities. Thanks to additional galvanization, they will be exceptionally resistant to moisture. They may be additionally perforated.

Advantages of steel ducts:

  • increased resistance to mechanical factors
  • high resistance to weather conditions (extreme temperatures)
  • corrosion resistance
  • possibility of additional perforation
  • band saw cutting
  • guillotine cutting
  • punching
  • grinding
  • 3D milling
  • marking
  • galvanization (tinning, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, chromating)
  • powder coating

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Copper, aluminum components, GPO-3, Mylar, Nomex insulation materials and many more.

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