Bus Bars

Bus bars otherwise known as current rails provide efficient and effective power distribution. These elements are widely used in power industry to build cabinets and switchboards. We make them from aluminum and copper materials in various sizes. They have a uniform rail structure, but we can freely shape them (e.g. bend, twist or punch them). Our machine park allows us to produce details of any size – the smallest have a few millimetres, and the largest exceed 3000 mm.

Szynoprzewody Bus Bars

Bus bars application

Industrial bus bars are rigid connections applied in various industries. They are usually in the shape of flat bars and are used, among others, for:

  • connecting transformers to the power grid;
  • supplying electricity to vehicles in the railroad industry (they are placed along tracks, e.g. subways);
  • connecting independent power sources in large buildings with their own switching station, e.g. in the buildings of telecommunication companies;
  • photovoltaic installations.

Bus bars in two-phase and three-phase connections

Bus bars can be used for connections:

  • 2-phase
  • 3-phase,

where each flat bar or rail is responsible for a single wire.

bus bar

Bus bars are usually made from different grades of copper and aluminum, or from Cupal or Flexy. Our warehouse is stocked with different sizes of these materials, from the smallest (e.g. 3 x 10 mm) to the largest (e.g. 10 x 250 mm). We specialize primarily in the production of bus bars of various sizes and shapes according to individual customer requests and technical specifications. The most modern, most efficient and fully automated production lines are used for the production of bus bars, enabling serial and prototype production.

  • punching
  • FIBER laser or water jet cutting
  • CNC bending (curvature change)
  • grinding
  • lamination
  • engraving
  • laser marking
  • pressing of fasteners (pemaking)
  • embossing
  • drilling

The processing of copper and aluminum materials in our company is a fully automated process, which takes place in a modern machinery park, ensuring high efficiency, precision of processing and extremely short execution time of even the most complicated orders. Modern, innovative solutions, developed in cooperation with research centers, minimise to a large extent production waste.

  • galvanization (tinning, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, chromating)
  • insulation
  • wet painting
  • powder coating

Required documents and certificates are delivered to the customer together with the bus bars.

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