Electris is now able to serve the e-mobility industry

We are very proud to announce that Electris enters the electric & hybrid vehicle market with the new product which is Power Electronics Cooling Plate.
Hybrid and electric vehicles typically require liquid cooling of the power electronics in the inverter, battery, onboard charger, DC-DC converter and electric motor. Electris can supply all types of liquid cooling but cooling of the power electronics inside the inverter is becoming our specialty. The power electronics most commonly used in the inverter are Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). In most applications the IGBTs switch the DC power from the batteries into 3 phase AC power to drive the vehicle’s electric motor. In normal operation 1000s of watts of heat can be generated from the IGBT’s in the inverter. Liquid cooling is required to keep the IGBTs from overheating and ultimately failing. Better cooling means more power and efficiency for the vehicle.

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