We process copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys. We are a certified contract manufacturer of copper components and busbars, and our customers are global corporations. As a leader in our industry on the European market, we have a modern machine park, and the entire production of copper components is carried out using innovative machines and technologies. Cutting, punching, turning or milling are just some of the processes we offer. We permanently cooperate with trusted partners in the area of galvanic coatings – from tinning to nickel plating and silver plating

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Contract manufacturing

Electris offers comprehensive contract manufacturing services. We thoroughly analyze and verify all factors related to NPI and place particular emphasis on the competitiveness of areas related to production, testing and supply chain management. Our state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure allow us to manufacture products using the latest technologies, in accordance with the most stringent quality standards, while maintaining the highest possible efficiency.

We serve customers all over the world who, thanks to our innovative production model, receive a service tailored to their individual business needs. It all adds up to our success in producing a wide range of high technology products and systems, from prototypes and small series to mass production.

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